Stone on Stone - Cairn Sculptures,Rock Oil Candles, Cairn Lamps & StoneTableaux
Handcrafted stone art provides serenity, romance, inspiration and interest to your home or garden. Working with the beauty that the earth provides, each piece is uniquely crafted from either native stone, granite, agate, slate or pebble. The finished creations make perfect gifts for any gift-giving occasion and are especially well-suited to nature and candle-lovers. 
With a variety of rocks items to choose from, we're sure you'll be pleased with your purchase. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Cairn Sculptures are created from
hand-selected river rock, precisely 
drilled and attached with threaded
metal rods. Joints are concealed
through the use of carving, sawing and brushing techniques. Several coats of
polycrylic finish complete these
stunning works of art. Cairn
Sculptures come in two sizes and
make perfect additions to pedestals, 
mantels and table tops. 


Cairn Lamps are made from naturally tumbled river stone, stacked to create a one-of-a-kind lamp base and topped with burlap, faux leather or double stitched lampshades, these lamps are a perfect table piece for nature lovers, cozy corners, rustic lodges, restaurants, or cabins in the woods. Cairns have traditionally 'lit' the way for journeyers, marking places where food, shelter, or a path has been found or blazed.    


Our Stone Tableaux are
pictorial scenes created with pebbles on slate or stone slab backgrounds. In simple form they capture the heart with themes such as family, friendship, love, and playfulness.
Rock Oil Candles provide warm ambiance when displayed on coffee tables, mantles, or as an attractive centerpiece for your dining room table. Outside living uses include decks/porches, ponds, hottubs and garden paths. They also enhance prayer, meditation and retreat spaces. Rock Oil Candles are long-lasting, retaining both their beauty and function year after year.



An  Innunguaq  stands in the place of a person in order to convey a silent, life-giving message to others. In the arctic regions of the world humans have gathered stones and stacked them into cairns, which were used to indicate an important place or a path to follow, a place of shelter or a cache of food. Often cairns were built in barren or desolate landscapes where there were no other distinguishable features to aid in survival. 


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