Stone on Stone - Cairn Sculptures,Rock Oil Candles, Cairn Lamps & StoneTableaux
Don "Stone", a retiree who spent his middle years behind a desk as a education administrator, now appreciates being able to work with his hands in creating stone art. He whiles the 'spare' hours of his day in his basement workshop. With cold chisel or drill in hand, he crafts slabs of granite, agate, river rock or native stone into rock oil candles, garden torches, cairn lamps, innunguit and stone tableaux.. His recent venture into creating cairn sculptures has sparked a new artistic fire. 

A rock hound, Don began creating candles from them several years ago as Christmas gifts for family members. He loved the process so much that he continued making them. Over the years, his passion for stone and the crafting of art from it has grown and evolved into the pieces you see today. 

He resides in Mt Gretna, Pa with his wife, Vicki, a lover of nature and the earth. She awakened his love of rocks 15 summers ago, when dragging him from the car to go stream-hopping in the countryside of Vermont. Together they enjoy hiking trails and canoeing lakes.

Read this article featured in our local newspaper, the Lebanon Daily News, for more of his story. 

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