Stone on Stone - Cairn Sculptures,Rock Oil Candles, Cairn Lamps & StoneTableaux

Cairn Lamp

Cairn Sculptures

Created from hand-selected river rocks, these sculptures present as gravity defying works of art. Available in a variety of sizes, each piece is original and unique and priced accordingly.

Small                             $50.00

Large                             $75.00

Cairn Lamps 
Our cairn lamps are polished and stacked natural stones and come in small and large table lamp sizes. The shades are either burlap, faux leather bell laced or double laced.
Cairn Lamp with Shade
(18 inches)              $120.00
Large Cairn Lamp with Shade      (28 inches)                      $150.00
Cairn Lamp, no shade                   (10 in. base)             $105.00
Large Cairn Lamp, no shade         (15 in. base)             $130.00



Rock Oil Candles

Crafted from either native stone or granite slabs and fitted with a fiberglass candle wick, these oil candles are approximately 6" x 6" . Easily refillable, they should last for years of reflective beauty.


Garden Torches
Garden torches have thicker wicks, which support flames that can withstand windier conditions. They are made from large slabs of granite or native stone, and can be used indoors or outdoors.                 One Wick -  $35.00                         Two Wicks  -  $45.00       Three Wicks - $55.00

Agate Flames
These candles are crafted from agate slices, which may be a natural color or a variety of jewel-toned colors, including blue, green, purple, pink, and black. Their average size is 4-5 inches in diameter. 
                                        $ 30.00

Candle Oil

A pure paraffin wax oil that can be used in all of our rock candles, garden torches and agate flames.

 8 oz. bottle                       $5.00

Our innunguit are handcrafted from natural stone or granite.


Stone Tableaux
Each tableau is one-of-a-kind, in a variety of sizes to fit the scene. 


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